First-class hoteliers

Developers. Operators. Curators. At 360 Karat, we have more than two decades of experience in the hospitality space — and in this time, we’ve worn many hats. Every day, we continue to cultivate and deliver deep expertise to our hotel partners … ensuring that all of our current and future assets always function flawlessly.


Our hotels make it unmistakably clear: you’ve arrived

No matter if you’re staying for a few weeks or a single night, our hospitality offerings are certain to be the highlight of your trip. Because at 360 Karat, we don’t see our hotels as traditional accommodations — we see them as true destinations.

Your home away from home

At 360 Karat, caring about our guests is at the core of everything we do

It's in the details

We know that real quality is in the details — it’s why our hotels are built and run to the highest standard of excellence and corners are never cut

Unforgettable destinations

Our hotels are designed to complement their surroundings.

Legendary experiences

We deliver unique and extraordinary experiences, providing world-class dining and retail options alike

Our properties

Hospitality properties

Whether you’re searching for your first place or your long-term home; whether you need to upgrade to a larger floor plan or downsize to a more efficient space: at 360 Karat, our portfolio features a wide range of options for any stage of life.